Couple's Tune-Up

Course Syllabus


Week 1: The Values Foundation

Week 2: Get Clear On Your Values

Week 3: Implementation Week

Week 4: Overcoming Roadblocks

Week 5: Make It Happen

Communication Toolbox

BONUS: Parenting + Your Couple

BONUS: Desire + Pleasure

Before CTU, I felt like we were incapable of having conversations about living intentionally (aka. starting the engine, or even being inside the same car). Now, I feel like the conversation is started. The ability to dream and be aligned is "ignited", and we better stop for roadie snacks 'cause we have a hell of a long drive ahead. Now, we are in the same car, travelling on the same path, together. — Kirsti & Jeff, 12 years together, kids ages 4 & 5, Toronto, Canada
The live calls helped me to see that other couples have similar struggles. In this world of "perfect social media lives", we can be so isolated & think we are the exception rather than the norm. — Shayne & Christian, 9 years together, kids ages 4 & 6, Toronto, Canada,
I was afraid that my partner wouldn’t be interested & wouldn’t do the work, but then I realized the change begins with me. It benefited both of us. I feel our energy is flowing again! — Alejandra & Carlos, 16 years together, kids ages 3 and 5, Puerto Escondido, Mexico,
Doing CTU together feels like a crazy win! I can see us doing this once a year. Having life-time access is a real bonus! — Deborah & Alex, 20 years together, kids ages 6, 8, & 13, Toronto, Canada
CTU is possibly one of the most important things we have done as a couple in the last ten years. It has made us feel hopeful, optimistic, and empowered. — Carolanne & Darren, 17 years together, kids ages 3 and 5, Saskatoon, Canada,
Before CTU, I felt that our couple was going through the daily routines of parenting & running a household. Now I feel like we have a new perspective & our visions are aligned! We found the calls especially valuable. Hearing how others were completing the lessons totally normalized our experience. Allison is friendly, inviting and makes it easy for couples to open up. — Emily & Chris, together 11 years, kids ages 3 and 15 months, Toronto, Canada
I loved Allison and her way of making everyone feel heard, accepted and validated. It was extremely valuable that {the teachers} she and her partner had been through the process in their own lives. — Kirsti & Jeff, 12 years together, kids ages 4 & 5, Toronto, Canada
Both of us have been married before, so CTU gave us the opportunity to bring the focus back to our relationship (we have a lot of schedules to manage with 4 kids between us). The lessons sparked important conversations that we wouldn't otherwise have, our lines of communication are open & we're better able to express our needs to each other. Allison's passion for this work is contagious! — Danielle & Jeremy, 4 years together, kids ages 14, 11, 7 & 7, Tampa, USA
Doing CTU right before the arrival of our second baby, helped us to be proactive about our relationship. We loved having scheduled time to think about, talk about and reflect on the life we're building together. Thanks, Allison! Glad we got over the stigma of "therapy" and did something proactive for our couple. It feels good to have our relationship back on the priority list! — Melanie & Jake, 15 years together, kiddo age 1.5 yrs & 37 weeks pregnant, Toronto, Canada

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